Where to go Camping in New South Wales?

Where to go Camping in New South Wales?

So, you’re planning to visit New South Wales for your next vacation?

Well, you must consider bringing your camping equipment with you because NSW is best known for its camping spots. Most of the camping spots are popular worldwide but some camping spots are only popular among locals. So, if you’re willing to enjoy a relaxing experience, you must consult the locals to find the best camping spots.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of some amazing spots where you can go camping in New South Wales. So, without wasting any time, let’s talk about what kind of experience you’d get in these spots.

Honeymoon Bay, Jervis BayWhere to go Camping in New South Wales?

If you’re willing to enjoy a bush camping experience, it’s the best spot for you. This campsite is located around 3 hours away from Sydney at the northern end of Jervis Bay. You’d get to explore some incredible beaches in this spot. The locals often visit this campsite during school holidays and even on weekends. You need to visit this campsite during the weekdays because this is how you can easily find a spot.

There isn’t any gas cooking equipment available at this campsite. So, you must bring your equipment with you. Also, you must bring plenty of drinking water with you.

Yuraygir National Park, Wooli

Yuraygir National Park has a 65km of coastline where you can find the best beachside campsites. Make sure that you use a high-clearance 4WD for traveling because it gets difficult to go past the Pebbly Beach campground.

That’s why these campsites aren’t mostly crowded by people. So, you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience. You won’t even have to book a site before going there. Simply, bring your stuff with you and enjoy an incredible camping experience.

Mimosa Rocks National ParkWhere to go Camping in New South Wales?

It’s the best camping spot for those who like to travel in a caravan. You’d get to see some beautiful trees, rocks, and beaches in this tourist spot. You can go for a picnic or enjoy the coastal walks in this park. The reason why it’s an ideal spot for caravan travelers is that there isn’t any drinking water here. And you’re also supposed to bring the cooking equipment with you.

And that can only happen if you have a bigger vehicle to store the equipment. You don’t need to bring an expensive caravan to have some fun in this picnic spot. A Retreat caravan would be enough for bringing the required equipment. If you don’t already have one, you can easily find Retreat Caravans for Sale from our friends at Freestyle RVs. So, load everything into the caravan and get ready to enjoy an incredible vacation.

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