Our Road Trip Plan in NSW

Our Road Trip Plan in NSW

Our Road Trip Plan in NSWIf you’re planning for a road trip to NSW, this article is really important for you. We’d be describing some of the amazing experiences we had while we were on a road trip in NSW.

Without any doubt, NSW is the best place where you can explore amazing mountain ranges and valleys. And that’s not just it. You’d also get to explore a waterfall safari, beautiful farmlands, rock tunnels, and a few river crossings.

So, without any delay, let’s take a look at how you can prepare a plan for a road trip in NSW.

The Kosciuszko Alpine Way

Our Road Trip Plan in NSW

If you love exploring the mountain ranges, you must include the Alpine way into your list. You’d get to see the picturesque valleys in this beautiful range. There are many fishing stops where you can enjoy fishing at different levels. You can also give a try to mountain biking when you’re exploring this beautiful area. The walking trails give you the opportunity to explore this area from a completely different perspective.

We recommend going to the Snowy Mountain regions through Kosciuszko National Park. This is the place where you can create some amazing memories with your friends and family members.

Mollymook Drive

We planned to visit Mollymook as well because there are many beautiful spots in this region. This area is best known for offering a seaside treat and we really enjoyed our visit to this beautiful spot. The reason why we went to this spot is that we like to capture the picturesque rolling hills and white fences. We also added plenty of photographs of different animals into our memory bank.

The Waterfall Way

Our Road Trip Plan in NSWHow could we forget the Waterfall way when going on a road trip to NSW? We got the opportunity to explore national parks, lofty lookouts, lush rainforest, and amazing waterfall views during our trip. We had to go through some problems while traveling to the Waterfall way. My car broke down when we were leaving Sydney. So, I had to sell my car in Blacktown because we couldn’t wait for a week to get the car fixed.

However, the rest of the journey was filled with a lot of fun and entertainment. And we’re never going to forget this amazing trip.

Those, who are planning to take a road trip to NSW, must make all the preparations before time. And don’t forget to get your vehicle checked before leaving because you’d driving for a long time.

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