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How to Manage Your Airbnb Property Portfolio Remotely

Managing your Airbnb property portfolio remotely is a great way to free up time and save money. You can still be hands-on with your Airbnb property and make sure everything is running smoothly from anywhere in the world. Here are some tips on how to manage your Airbnb property portfolio remotely:

Use a Calendar for Booking and Cleaning

You don’t have to check in with guests every day (in fact, it might be best not to). But you do need to make sure that they have everything they need during their stay and that nothing goes wrong. Use a calendar app like Google Calendar or iCal so you can see who checked in and when and when they will be checking out.

This way, if anything needs fixing, you can get in touch with the guest before they leave so they aren’t inconvenienced by having to call you at home or during work hours after arriving at their destination.

Use a Virtual Assistant

The best way to make sure that your property is being maintained and managed properly is by hiring a virtual assistant (VA). VAs can help with the day-to-day tasks that you don’t want to deal with yourself, like dealing with guests, cleaning up after them, and even interacting with other VAs who work on behalf of other hosts. Some VAs specializes in being “Airbnb concierges” — they’ll handle all aspects of guest communication and make sure everything goes smoothly during their stay.

Be Sure to Set Up Email Alerts for Any Important Events

As an owner, you’ll want to be notified when something significant happens on your property(ies). Examples include:

A guest has booked a reservation. You can set up an alert that will notify you when a new booking is made. This is especially useful if your calendar is shared with other people who need access to it (e.g., a property manager).

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

Make Sure You Have Adequate Coverage for Your Insurance Policies Before Taking on Additional Properties

In order to avoid costly mistakes, be sure that you have adequate coverage before taking on too many properties or additional responsibilities with your current properties. 

Use the Airbnb App as Much as Possible

This includes everything from checking reservation statuses via mobile app (which lets you see how many nights each booking lasts) to communicating with guests via chat or phone calls (so long as they have provided their contact details). The more you use the app, the less time you’ll have to spend futzing with spreadsheets and other apps.

Use Automated Payments

Automate your rent collection with a platform like RentMoola or SquareSpace. This will make it easier to keep track of all your expenses in one place, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to send the rent check each month.

Keep Track of All Your Expenses in One Place

Use accounting software such as Quickbooks or Freshbooks to manage finances and create invoices for tenants. You can also use these platforms to send out reminders if they haven’t paid their rent on time.

Plan ahead for Vacancies

If you don’t want any vacancies in your property portfolio, then plan ahead and make sure that there are always enough people interested in renting from you at any given time. You can do this by listing multiple units at once on Airbnb, increasing your chances of filling them all up again before they go vacant. This way, you don’t have long periods of time when no money is coming in from those properties!

Use Holiday House Management Services

If you’re traveling during peak vacation times like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, consider hiring a professional holiday house manager to oversee your property during that time period. This person will take care of all maintenance issues before guests arrive and handle any problems that arise while they’re there — all while ensuring that the home looks great when they leave so they can get their deposit back quickly after their stay ends. There are many holiday house management services online but it is a must to get the accredited one.

Managing an Airbnb portfolio remotely can seem like quite a daunting task. However, it can be done, and in the best way possible. By carefully organizing your properties and learning how to maximize automation, you can rest assured that your strategies will be optimized and your vacation rental business will run as smoothly as possible.



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